How do I pay?

Payments may be made either with Wire Transfer or a Major Credit Card. Fees for Credit Cards will be added to the amount during checkout. To avoid credit card fees, please contact us at sales@luxurytimeglobal.com and we will send you an invoice with wire instructions.

What is the return policy?

Luxury Time Global encourages all buyers to be sure of their favorite model prior to purchase. We do not accept returns for 'Buyer’s Remorse' or for changing your mind on a specific dial color, material, brand, etc. If the watch is not delivered as described, you must contact us for a RMA# within 24 hours.

How do you ship?

Luxury Time Global ships all packages overnight domestically and Priority (3-5 days) internationally. We do not ship to Mexico, Russia, or Korea. APO/MPO shipments are at the buyer's discretion and own risk as these shipments are riskier than others, we are not responsible for transit times for APO/MPO shipments and usual transit times may be up to 60 days.

Do your watches come with the manufacturer's warranty?

Yes, all of our watches, unless otherwise stated, come with the manufacturer's warranty card.